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Smartphones! What would we do without them? Yet a few short years ago, smartphones were only for the elite, something that they could show off with. Well, that has certainly changed and now, with mobile phone contracts, a smartphone is within the reach of pretty much anyone with a steady monthly income.

Or is it?

To a certain group of individuals in the United Kingdom, owning one of these marvels of technology remains but a pipe dream. You see, not many people have the money to fork out to buy a smartphone straight out. For that reason, they get them by applying for and receiving a mobile phone contract, usually payable over 24 months.

Except people suffering from bad credit. They really have very little chance of owning a smartphone on a mobile phone contract because service providers shy away from giving them the chance at a contract. This is because of their bad credit rating and their defaulting on payments for previous credit products they have taken out.

So then a smartphone is out of their reach… until now that is!

At Pooks Phones, we specifically offer mobile phone contracts with smartphones as the designated handset to people who suffer from a bad credit rating. Why should they be left out of the opportunity to own the gadget that is changing the way the world operates?

Think about it. Smartphones not only keep us in contact with our loved ones, they also allow us to interact on social media, use messenger apps and send and receive emails. Basically, we have a mobile office in the palm of our hands. They are particularly useful for businessmen and students but practically anyone can use a smartphone to their advantage.

So if you suffer from a bad credit rating, how do we put a smartphone in your hands at an affordable monthly cost? Well, it is simple really. By using a bad credit mobile phone contract.

What is a bad credit mobile phone contract?

A bad credit mobile phone contract is specifically aimed at individuals who are constantly turned away from owning a smartphone using the regular methods – in other words, your typical mobile phone contract provided by mobile phone service providers across the United Kingdom. With a bad credit mobile phone contract, we simply do not care about your credit history.

Although we have to perform credit checks by law, these have absolutely no bearing on whether you get a contract or not. All that matters to us is that you can make the monthly contract instalments and pay them without putting yourself under even more financial stress. Let’s be honest, its financial stress that got you that poor credit history is it not?

How is it that we are able to help you?

Well, we have scoured the United Kingdom for suppliers that are like-minded and want to help people secure mobile phone contracts. This allows us access to not only a wide range of smartphones but also contracts that are more than competitive.

We also treat each contract as a unique event. Everybody has a different situation, so it is definitely not a case of one size fits all. We look at your needs and weight it up against what you can realistically afford each month. We then proceed to find contracts that we think you will be able to pay off without defaulting and we offer you the handsets that then come with these contracts.

What phones do you offer?

We have a range of phones, from the latest flagship smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the recently released Apple iPhone 7 to entry level phones, perfect for people just wanting to call and text occasionally. We also stock budget smartphones, for those who do not qualify for the latest models but want a phone that offers the many features that a smartphone does. Or if you simply are an Apple or Samsung junkie but can’t afford the cost of the new handsets, consider older, refurbished models that we also have in stock.

How do I apply?

To apply, you can download our online application form or visit our offices. Either way, we will need some vital information as well as documents from you. These include your identification, proof of address, and your latest three payslips and banks statements from your active bank account. Bear in mind, you must be over the age of 18 as well as a citizen of the United Kingdom to qualify for our contracts.

For more information about bad credit mobile phones visit http://www.instantmobile.uk/.