About us

Pooks Phones have been in the telecommunication business in the United Kingdom for decades. Over the last twenty years, however, we have sunk our energy into the world of the mobile phone. From the outset, we had the vision to see that the mobile phone market was going to explode, even though it initially took off very slowly across the country.

As the technology improved and became far cheaper, more and more people had access to mobile phones and soon, everyone wanted one, but still could not necessarily always afford one. That’s where a mobile phone contract makes all the difference.

Although handsets worked out more expensive this way, it gave the ordinary man in the street the opportunity to own a mobile phone, something they didn’t mind paying a little extra for. Soon, we got involved in the contract game and saw the value in mobile phone contracts.

But unfortunately, there was always one group of individuals in the United Kingdom to whom a mobile phone seemed just a dream – those with a poor credit history, a history of defaulting and ccj’s against their name.

But no longer! Pooks phones, together with a range of other providers have implemented bad credit mobile phones. This means that people with a bad credit history and who were constantly rejected for mobile phone contracts, now had a way out, a way to own a brand new smartphone!

So if you, like thousands of other individuals in the United Kingdom suffer from rejection for mobile phone contracts due to your bad credit history – suffer no more! We have a bad credit mobile phone contract to suit your unique needs. Come to chat to one of our expert staff. They will only be too happy to help you find the contract you need, along with a handset that you will simply love.

With our 99% success rate, we are confident that we can help you!