How we help you secure a mobile phone contract despite your terrible credit record

Despite your credit record, we almost assure you that we can help you secure a bad credit mobile phone contract. But how exactly are we able to do this. Well, we follow a very distinct model that we apply to each individual in their unique situation. By using this model, we have a success rate of close to 99%, which is pretty incredible, and certainly one of the highest to be found in the country.

So what do we do?


When it comes to finding the perfect contract and handset for the individual applying, we first begin by comparing everything that our suppliers have on offer.

We start with a contract first. Based on your income, we have a range that we know the contract band must fall in to make it possible for you to pay it back easily enough each month. Once we know that we move onto the handsets.

Believe us when we say that we have suppliers that have access to just about every handset you can think of. In many cases, although people want access to the latest flagship iPhone or Galaxy, this is just unrealistic and after we explain to them why they understand. And the reason is, most people simply cannot afford the monthly repayments. Those that can are allowed to apply for a contract with one of these handsets and we can see what we can do for them.

Luckily, even if you are not able to get the latest smartphone, one of our other models more than make up for it. You could have a slightly older, refurbished iPhone or Galaxy, or alternatively, if you prefer to have the most cost-effective contract possible, you could rather choose a budget smartphone. There are many models available and believe us when we say, all of these smartphones are certainly very capable and can do everything many other top of the range phones can do, although they are slightly slower, have smaller screens and slightly less memory – certainly not deal breakers in our books.

Consider deposits

As a way to help secure contracts that might be slightly more expensive, we encourage those individuals who can afford it to pay an upfront deposit. We may even ask you to go this route should you want one of the flagship phones we have on offer, for example, the Apple iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7. The great thing about a deposit is that at the end of the contract, you get the money back. You could even use it as a deposit for the next contract, all the time improving your credit rating by making your payments on time and not defaulting.

We speak directly with the service providers

Over the years, our experts have built up excellent relations with many service providers. We rely on them to give us contracts that we can make as part of our bad credit mobile phone offerings. In some cases, we even encourage our clients to take this road as face to face negotiations can often result in a contract going ahead.

Offer sim-only contracts

As a last resort, if people have a serious credit problem but still want a mobile phone contract without a handset, we can go the sim-only contract route. This cuts costs significantly and is a great option to save tons of money over the duration of the contract. The thing is, handsets can be very, very costly and add a significant portion to the monthly charge. A sim-only contract is a great option if the individual already has a handset but can’t get a contract in a regular manner due to their bad credit status.

Also, by paying off even something as simple as a sim-only contract, you are already improving your credit rating significantly.

These are just some of the ways that we go about our business of securing contracts for bad credit mobile phone customers. Our staff know how to help you despite each case being totally unique. They really have pretty much seen it all before. Become one of the 99% of those who have come into our offices for a bad credit mobile phone contract and walked away smiling.